My truth

Sometimes when I look at the Pearl of the yesterdays and how undeserving she was and I fast forward and see how God is glorifying Himself in my life, I ask myself, how did I even qualify for such unmerited full fleshed GRACE?

But I know one thing for sure, when we avail ourselves and listen, we will hear Him speak. We will see Him in everything around us and we will experience Him. 

3 years ago today, I had the greatest revelation of my life so far. The revelation that became the very turning point of my life upto date. Then I asked the Lord audibly a great question and right there and then, like a normal conversation between 2 people, He answered me audibly on the spot. Not imaginary oh, not in my head oh, IN MY EARS. Audibly. (Like Moses and Abraham demma own some😆😆) Right there and no, there was absolutely no one there with me and what I heard could only have been God.

That encounter shock me. Only a few days ago did I find out that, that was a covenant. One the devil is trying tirelessly to break. But hey, He took me to my Mount Moriah. And I LISTENED and made the huge faith move without even thinking twice.

If I am speaking to only one person right now, Know that no darkness is too dark for the Light. And when in the light, let it shine. 

Salvation is a journey, righteousness is a journey. All you have to do is want to partake in it.

I beg oh, don’t get it twisted, It’s not going to be easy but it is possible. Along the way you may fall back for a bit, yeah, that’s possible too, only you have to get back on track fast. 

Large size, I mean ‘obolo-like’ tests and temptations will come to you but that’s how you prove yourself to God. 

I am not even alluding to the fact that I know it all oh….naaaaa. Far from that, actually I am stuggling papa to stay in my lane 😆 but I wake up every given day and I know and feel that it is worth it. 

There is a HUGE difference between being a ‘Church-goer’ and being a ‘Christian’ or being ‘Christ-like’ as I like to term it. 

You know you are Christian when you question everything that you do everytime, everywhere, anywhere. When I say everything, I mean EVERY-lil-THING, (like farting in church😅😆😄). If you query yourself like this from the beginning, in no time living godly will become your life. 

If you have not yet encountered God, my you experience Him greatly and if you have, let’s stay in the lane wai. 

Have a blessed week.